Simon Gass, the former British Ambassador to Greece wrote:

... Greece and its people exercise an intense influence on foreigners. British writer Lawrence Durrell wrote "other counties can make you discover customs traditions or landscapes. Greece offers you something harsher: self discovery" ...

We don't think Greece has given us permission to leave the country indefinitely, when we return, it will not be just for the people or the landscape, but because Greece is a country which we admire for many different things.

Thank you, Greece.

Agia Marina is located 10km west of the city of Chania. Getting there is very easy either by the coastal road or via the National Road and there are frequent busses to and from Chania.

The area is famous for it's long sandy beach and it's excellent facilities that offer alot of options for water sports.

Several tavernas and restaurants are available as well as numerous shops. Nightlife is accommodated for in Platanias, a nearby town which is only a few minutes walk away.

The surrounding area can be leisrurely explored by getting a ride on the local mini-train which passes right infront of Villa Angelica.

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